Day 290 – Triathlon Sprint

June 3rd, 2017 – The time has come. After 12-weeks of training I can finally cross off doing a triathlon from my Epic Quest of Awesome. It was one helluva journey and I ended up learning a lot from this experience. Plan on making a post detailing more about my experience over at my main blog some time soon.


For a full race write up you can go here.


Day 286 – The Last Brick

May 27th, 2017 – My triathlon is exactly one week away, so I felt like giving it my all during my last long brick session. I plotted out a route that would require me to bike at a moderately high intensity pace followed by a trail run.

Half way through my workout, I realized just how much I regretted not grabbing any water for my workout. I put in my session shortly after finishing Krav Maga and mistakenly did not hydrate enough before going on my brick session. The last 4-miles of my trek I found that I was so low on water I wasn’t sweating anymore.

When I got home I took a really long shower, drank a good chunk of water, and did a lot of stretching. All in all, I say the intensity of the workout was worth it to be able to run on such a beautiful trail.

Day 283 – Brick Trails

May 13th, 2017 – With my triathlon training coming up in 3 weeks I figured it’s time to get use to doing a brick(running right after biking). This morning I put in a long bike session heading towards Mississippi Regional Park. I docked my bike then went for a trail run across the river. After snapping a few pictures I got back on my bike and headed off.

I still had some energy left in me, so after showering off I put in a half-hour practice of double unders. I managed to successfully get 4 in a row, a new personal best! Hoping to at least get 12 in a row before next Saturday.


Day 274 – The Beach Side Bike Ride

April 15th, 2017 – With finals coming up there has been a pretty mixed balance of school, work, and training. Luckily for me, Saturday was the opportunity for me to organize my schedule and get the most work done for the day.

Most of the morning was compressed with work on my final projects. Later in the afternoon I took a break from school work to focus on a project I did want to work on, website animation. I started to watch a few tutorials on how to do animation using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I had a lot of fun messing around with learning these new techniques and ended up losing myself for several hours programming.

Towards the evening I went to fit in my workout with strength training and triathlon bike training. I luckily managed to complete my bike ride right before a storm came down in our area.

Day 268 – Beach Ride

April 8th, 2017 – With being alone for the weekend I decided to catch up on some work for the day. First things first, I got my workout out of the way by starting with my Nerd Fitness Boss battle. This boss battle involved a series of Chin-Ups, Pistol Squats, and Double Unders. I didn’t complete my boss battle this time, I still have to get better at doing double unders.

Next was a 21k(~13 mile) bike ride, taking a trip to a beach I use to frequent in my high school days.  After my bike trip I finished off with 30 burpees, a cold shower, and a glass of chocolate milk. The rest of my day was spent writing till the late evening.

Day 257 – The Punch-Out Routine

March 18th, 2017 – It’s a Saturday morning, meaning time for another Krav Maga class! I drove off to Fight or Flight Academy for an hour of Krav Maga practice. After Krav I went off to use the Academy’s weight lifting equipment to get my second workout on. I finished off my morning workouts with a 30-minute bike ride to fulfill today’s triathlon training.

A tiring, but worthwhile workout!