Day 342 – Indigenous People’s Day

October 9th, 2017 – It’s Indigenous People’s day, and for celebration, my University is hosting an event to celebrate American Indian culture. I was excited to get to know a bit more about my culture and decided to head off there after finishing preparing my project’s presentation for my Capstone. The event was pretty exciting, with speakers talking about the culture and a female drum group performing a song.


Day 341 – Frisbee and Installation

October 8th,  2017 – This weekend has been filled with a lot of computer updates and software installations to prepare for my presentation coming up on Monday. Because I have to let many a things process I am finding myself waiting around without touching my computer. This evening I was finishing the last of the installations. While I let everything run I took the time to go to the park and play frisbee with my fiancee.

Day 340 – Transferring the Project

October 7th, 2017 – With my classwork computer being a brick I found myself quickly needing to prepare a back-up plan. I have to give a presentation for my coding project on Monday and now do not have anything to present it with. Fortunately I have been frequently backing up my code so all I needed to do is find a way to install my code on another device.

My fiancee graciously let me use her older laptops to demo my project. Today was spending a good portion of my time installing the appropriate software to the machine.

Day 339 – An Expensive Brick

October 6th, 2017 – My replacement screen finally came in. Once I finished off with school work I went to replace my computer screen. As soon as my screen was plugged in I went to test out the computer and found my computer’s screen was very faded. I unplugged my computer’s screen and re-plugged it back in. This time, I found that it was no longer charging in addition to no longer powering on.

I seem to now have an expensive brick.

Day 338 – Squat and Run

October 5th, 2017 – This week has had a couple of pretty hectic days. With the computer’s screen being broken I had been using a workaround to get my school work completed. It’s been pretty stressful dealing with this laptop’s issues, so to decompress I went to the University’s gym to put in a leg workout followed by a run through some trails

It was a good way to de-stress my body before leaving off to take my midterm.

Day 337 – The 12 Month Plan

October 4th, 2017 – Last night I had difficulty sleeping. My mind was racing with ideas, projects, and events I want to get done post-haste. I didn’t want to get too ahead of myself and start working on a million different projects at once. To organize my thoughts I decided to created a 12-month plan to plot out when to work on each individual idea in my life.

Day 336 – The Walk in The Park

October 3rd, 2017 – Today I was feeling accumulated stress from my work. I have been struggling for a while to keep calm and focused on my projects because it’s work that is not likely to payoff until much later. Not having an immediate reward available from weeks of work has definitely taken a lot of discipline and I feel like I am slowly approaching my burn-out point.

In the evening my fiancee and I took a walk in the park to take a break from work. After the walk I started to feeling refreshed and have a new outlook on things.