Day 376 – Preparations

September 16th, 2018 – It’s five weeks until the wedding. It’s one of those events people tell you is going to be the most important moment in your life. Honestly, my fiancee and I never thought it was going to even be an event in our lives.

Asks us ten years ago, when we first met, and both of us would have said we didn’t expect to be dating, much less getting engaged. As our relationship progressed, we felt that marriage was the most logical step for us. We didn’t really need a ceremony, a trip to a court house and grilling burgers in the afternoon would have been more than enough.

But after announcing our engagement to our family, did we realize how much more important having a ceremony was to them than it was to us. So we are now a few weeks away from our wedding. We finalized our catering services, got our outfits, booked our venue, prepared our guest list, and dropped more money than we preferred.

Part of today my fiancee and I took a walk to catch the Wooly Bears coming out for the season to try macro photography out. We wanted to make this our last free weekend to go out and shoot some photos. Next weekend we have a multi-day hiking trip set, and the weekend after that is our survival class. Our September is going to be over, then the month of the wedding will begun.

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