Day 359 – Motioned Blur

December 10th, 2017 – My last assignment for my second Photography course required me to take a picture of an object in motion. The point of the image was to capture a subject with a bit of a blur to show that the object was moving.

I could think of a million different ways to achieve this through the use of artificial objects (i.e. Cars, Planes, etc;) or directing a person to move for the picture. However, I wanted to try and find a way to make this picture more of an outdoors, natural photo. Although, this created a problem for me. A lot of nature tends to be still. There are animals that could be taken, but that would involve lucking out to find that animal moving at just the right direction and angle to capture that blur.

My next idea was to find a river or waterfall and capture it to create a glossy image. This proved difficult too, as my camera’s shutter speed was non-adjustable, so I couldn’t capture this desired image either.

I consulted a photographer friend of mine who suggested I try to capture a light-source when there is low natural lighting. The camera would usually try to adjust it’s Aperture and Shutter Speed to compensate for this, causing the Shutter speed to slow down enough to create that blur image. I took his idea and capture a picture of a lit flame outside in the night. It did indeed capture that blur I was looking for.

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