Day 356 – Focal Length

November 26th, 2017 – This week’s photography course did not have an assignment again. Nevertheless, my fiancee and I went out hiking at Battle Creek Regional park to practice the material taught this week.

The subject this week was focal length. One of the lectures explained how the focal length can drastically change how an image is perceived. The example he used was taking a picture of an urban landscape, than zooming in really close to illustrate how objects are seemingly close despite the fact that they are actually a good distance apart from one another.

I decided to try this myself by finding objects far apart from one anther than taking two images. The first was being a bit of a distance away, but zooming in to make the objects appear close. The second, I got almost as close as I could to make the object closest to me look as big as it did in the first image, but this time I did not zoom in, to show the actual distance the objects were away from each other.

Zoomed in


Unzoomed in(Distance between me in closest object is smaller than first image)


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