Day 354 – Vantage Point

November 12th, 2017 – It’s the fourth and final week of my introductory photography course. Our last assignment required utilizing the concept of changing vantage points and framing to create an image. We needed to first take a shot of an image from a ‘Normal Perspective’ (Camera is at eye level and image is seen as presented).

We then had to look at it from different vantage points and use what was known as ‘Chopping’, which just meant capturing in the photo in a way that excludes certain parts to create a more meaningful image. This week I had a bit of difficult trying to decide on a photo between two landscapes I enjoyed capturing during my hike.

I settled on the one below because I enjoyed how my subject(my fiancee) was far enough down the trail that it made the tree look much more massive than it actually was. The first image was shot when I discovered the tree, than after changing my vantage point and doing some framing a few times, I found my image.

First Image(Normal Perspective)


Chosen Image


I recently found that much of these hiking trips are taken on a cloudy day. Even after adjusting the white balance I found these pictures are still turning out dark. I think in the future I need to turn up my light exposure.

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