Day 328 – Roadside Reminder

September 25th, 2017 – It’s been a week now since I started to regularly dedicate myself to doing cardio after strength training. I have to admit, since training for my marathon 2 years ago, I feel like I exhausted a lot of the routes around me. Today I settled for a light jog to avoid getting roadside monotony.

Towards the end of my jog I was getting really tired of jogging the same ol’ route until I saw a sign on the road reading, “Road Work Ahead”. I was remembering back to the days when I last experienced runner’s monotony and what really helped me get over it. I was reminded not to consider this as a run, jog, or workout, but to consider it “Road Work”. Something you do to help make the path way towards your destination smoother and more efficient.

I picked up the pace for the rest of that run.

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