Day 312 – Storm in the Badlands

July 21st, 2017 – 1:00 AM, I awoke from my tent to the sound of thunder. I was hearing the storm approach slowly as well as nearby campers rushing to their cars to put stuff away.

I was doing a mental checklist of everything we did to set-up the tent. Staked down? Check. Tarp laid out? Check. Tent’s fly tied down? Check. Seemed like everything was fine.

About 5-minutes into the storm we were hit with a powerful gust of wind that caused our tent to collapse on top of us. For the next 15 minutes my fiancee and I embraced the storm and held the tent down from the inside as the combined wind and rainfall hit us.

By the time the storm was over, the inside of our tent was completely soaked as well as us. We went to address the damage and found that one of the tent poles seemed to have came loose, causing the entire thing to come down. We took the time to put down and bag our mud covered supplies. We left off to a nearby motel to get some rest.

After a few hours of sleep we woke up, ate some breakfast then decided to end our trip through South Dakota early. We drove the rest of the way back home passing by some expressive monuments along the way. We got home in the late evening to unpack, eat, then head to bed.

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