Day 311 – Hot Springs, South Dakota

July 20th, 2017 – After several days of hiking, camping, and no showers, my fiancee and I decided to enjoy a refreshing dip in Hot Springs, South Dakota. Just a half hour’s drive down south of Crazy Horse, Hot Springs is a pretty small quaint town to visit.

We left off to Evan’s Plunge to enjoy their large pool filled with natural mineral water. After spending some time enjoying the pool, steam room, and hot tub, we headed off to a local restaurant for lunch.

Once we finished eating we went to the Mammoth site. Here we learned that this whole town use to be home to a hot spring from the ice age which managed to entrap and drown over 60 mammoths. A very educational tour overall.

In the evening we arrived in the Badlands to set-up camp for the night. My fiancee and I took a note at the fish gill-like clouds and knew we were going to be dealing with a heavy storm tonight.

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