Day 286 – The Last Brick

May 27th, 2017 – My triathlon is exactly one week away, so I felt like giving it my all during my last long brick session. I plotted out a route that would require me to bike at a moderately high intensity pace followed by a trail run.

Half way through my workout, I realized just how much I regretted not grabbing any water for my workout. I put in my session shortly after finishing Krav Maga and mistakenly did not hydrate enough before going on my brick session. The last 4-miles of my trek I found that I was so low on water I wasn’t sweating anymore.

When I got home I took a really long shower, drank a good chunk of water, and did a lot of stretching. All in all, I say the intensity of the workout was worth it to be able to run on such a beautiful trail.

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