Day 282 – The Early Morning Mile

May 12th, 2017 – Today marks the day I cross off two challenges on my list: Waking up at 7 AM or earlier for 30 days, and walking a mile in the morning for 30 days. These are two new habits I wanted to get into as a way to get my mind and body moving straight away in the day.

It was a fun little experiment, but after 30 days of waking up early and going for a walk, I felt that I wasn’t really seeing that much of a change in my productivity. To be honest, it actually felt like I was sacrificing things I valued more(i.e. Yoga and meditation) in favor of the morning walk. As a result of not doing these important mindfulness activities I felt a drop in my productivity these past 30 days.

While these walks were very nice, I did not feel like they ended up being the right way for me to start my days. Still, was a very enjoyable experiment.

30 day habit challenge

morning mile 3


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