Day 254- Ranked Up

March 15th, 2017 – It was definitely a day for advancement. After finishing my swords class our instructor had the class line up against the wall while he tested a fellow classmate for first Mon. The instructor had him go through the 8-basic strikes and how to sheath the sword. After he was finished I was called up and tested for first Mon.

Once I finished up he turned to both of us and congratulated us for passing. I finally achieved first mon!

After swords I went to do Parkour, which was teaching how to increase the distance in our vaults. A couple of the students and I decided to fool around and practice some vaults to precision jumps. I stuck the landing, but my also landed on my right ankle. The pain shot through my ankle and I took some time to rest from class.

It was an hour until the weight lifting class(Leg day!), and I was not sure if my ankle would feel better by the time class rolled around. I took some time away from the Parkour class and messed around on a gymnastic ring with some other guys. Weight lifting class rolled around, and my ankle was still sore, but feeling better. I decided to do the weight lifting class and do broad jumps and box jumps for the next hour.

My ankle did not hurt during the class, but the drive home it started screaming at me. After I changed out of my workout clothes and showered I found that my ankle was swollen twice it’s size! I spent the rest of the night icing it until I feel asleep.


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