Day 251 – A Month of Practice

March 12th, 2017 – Today marks my 30th consecutive and final day of swords training routine. Last month I took up practicing the basic strikes for my swords every day. When I first started out I was still new to the strikes, and it ended taking at least 8-10 minutes each day to get through my routine.

As I kept practicing I was starting to become adjust to each strike and naturally became faster. My goal was to focus on technique, not speed. From the words of one of my swords instructor some time ago

“Practice the technique. The better you are at the technique, the speed will naturally follow.

He was right about that. The moves started to became naturally fluid and by the end of my routine my routine went from 8-10 minutes each day to just under 5 minutes.

I am going to be taking a small break from this routine for a little bit just so I do not tire of my swords practice.I plan on taking up this 30 day challenge again when I advance up a couple of ranks.


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