Day 248 – Abandoned Adventure

March 6th, 2017 – There’s nothing more memorable than starting your Spring Break with a journey. This evening I was invited to go with my fiancee and a couple of friends to explore an abandoned army camp.

Since all of us weren’t free most of the day we ended up not heading out until close to sunset. The abandoned camp is nestled off the side of a trail that leads deep into the woods. I snapped a couple of pictures of the surrounding area before the rain started to hit us. We went off to one of the broken down buildings to take shelter and see more of the area.

This was a great time to snap a few more pictures to capture the dark and eerie atmosphere of everything. However, this time was cut short by the sound of doors slamming and what sounded like distant talking. A lot of us kept a calm attitude but it seemed pretty apparent that everyone felt a little uneasy continuing to explore the dark facility.

We gathered up our gear then left to the nearest exit. Some of these shots ended up getting pretty fuzzed out due to the rain. Gotta make a trip here again when it’s a little less cloudy out.

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