Day 236 – Rowing and Growing

February 9th, 2017 – After yesterday’s intensive leg workouts I found it pretty difficult to walk for most the day. Once I got off work I went to my University’s gym to use the water rower for today’s 20 minutes of cardio. I wanted to complete another Nerd Fitness Quest so I aimed to try and break 1,000 meters in less than 4 minutes 30 seconds.

I honestly thought this would be difficult because every step I took felt like fire in my quads. To my surprise, I was not only able to complete this Quest but I ended up reaching 1,000 meters faster than when I did this on Tuesday. Midway through the workout I realized I was going at a pretty good pace. So I tried to aim for breaking 5,000 in less than 20 minutes to complete the much harder quest, but I just missed it by 16 seconds. Oh well, gives me a goal to work towards next time!


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