Day 231 – Besting the Squat King

February 4th, 2017 – Looking ahead for this weekend I found that I am going to be wrapped up in a number of different kinds of activities that will take up a lot of time and energy from me. The bigger problem is that a lot of these activities do not have a set start and end time, they’ll mostly be random.

So to balance things out. I selected three main things I want to focus on for the day with a lot of fudge time and breaks scheduled in between them. This would allow me to still work on the most important tasks for the day while getting plenty of leeway for when these last-minute projects came up.

Before I started working on my projects I went to finish off my workout early in the morning. After going for a nice run I went to battle the Nerd Fitness Academy‘s Level 3 boss: Berserxes the Squat King. This workout involved a number of different activities ranging from Chin-Ups, Push-Ups, and Jumping Squats. Like the previous boss battles I made sure to hit the max reps for each set before charging into battle.


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