Day 228 -Trail Runs and Wall Flips

February 1st, 2017 – Today starts the first day of my newest long term Nerd Fitness quest. For all of February I will be doing 20 minutes of cardio every day in order to complete the Quest: What’s wrong with Cardio? #3.

After finishing up my yoga routine I went for a nice relaxing trail run at a nearby snowy park. Once I finished up my workout routine it was time for homework and programming until late in the afternoon where I went to Fight or Flight Academy for Parkour, Swords, and Weight Lifting.

For Parkour we practiced Wall Flips for a good hour. I was very close to doing a wall flip successfully without a spot, but class ended not too long after my last flip.  Midway through Swords class I realized that flipping for an hour has made me exhausted, making it difficult to continue on for the upcoming Parkour and Weight Lifting classes. Hope to achieve the Wall Flip next time we work on it!

For both Parkour classes we were working a lot of back flips which involved doing back rolls to progress into the full flip.




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