Day 225 – Rest Day Cardio

January 29th, 2017 – After finishing up my weekly To-Dos I had just enough time to put in my last run for the month. Since my work took most of the day I was not able to put in the run until closer to the evening. After putting in my run I can finally mark off another Nerd Fitness Academy Quest: Let’s Get Moving 2.

The Quest was to do a 20-minute run(or at least some sort of cardio) every day that I was off from Strength Training(~4 Days). I have to admit, doing these runs brought back some pretty negative feelings I had when I was forcing myself to run nearly every day for 2016. I really enjoy running, but I find that doing them in time intervals makes them far less enjoyable simply because if I finish a run faster than expected, I have to find a way to run out the clock.

Additionally, I have exhausted all the roads near me within a 5 mile radius. Going down the same roads takes a lot of fun out of the runs. I think for future runs I am going to go out of my way to pick spots I have not been to, just to add a little flavor to the workout.


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