Day 221 – Twists and Flow

January 25th, 2017 – It’s time for another 4-hour session at Fight or Flight Academy where I went to go train Parkour, Swords, and Weight Lifting. My Parkour sessions were pretty relaxed, we were mainly focusing on doing tricks for both of the classes. Sword training was focused on getting use to the habit of block and defenses in a flow-like movement.

Lastly, my weight training was a new experience for me. After doing some research I realized that I was putting in the wrong weight and reps for what I wanted to achieve. I want to focus on explosive power and strength, so I reduced my sets from 10-12 to 4-6 and increased the weight. Ended up being a bit of a harder workout, but also a much more enjoyable one.

The Parkour Quests this week was doing the Safety vault. Although not a new move, we used a lot of Safety/Step vaults for our flow class. Most of the class was trying to be creative on a wooden trapezoid



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