Day 202 – The Last Geocache

January 6th, 2017 – Today I embark on my last Geocache quest for the Nerd Fitness Academy. The wording on this Geocache Quest is pretty confusing, I did not know whether I needed to find 3 Geocaches, 4 Geocaches Total, or 4 in a day. In order to combat this confusion I chose the latter of the 3, as it killed 3 birds with one stone.

After I finished my annual physical I went off to a nearby park and marked off Geocache 1: a plastic canister hidden in a pine tree. Geocache 2 was a bit quicker to find. It was another Parking Lot cache making it a quick Park and Grab(P&G). As I drove back home from the doctor’s I pulled over and opened up my C:Geo App to find Geocache 3 hidden underneath a sign at a church.

The last Geocache, Geocache 4, was found by taking a small detour on the way home. This Geocache was hidden in a pine tree with its canister decorated to look like Rudolph. I chuckled at the creativity of this canister, and marked off another Quest completed for the NF Academy.


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