Day 185 – Promodo Sprint Session

December 16th, 2016 – Today I decided to take on a challenge offered through Habitica. The challenge is to complete as many Promodo sessions as possible within a 24 hour period. A Promodo session means doing 25 minutes of work with 5 minutes of break time.

I figured this would give me the chance to complete a lot of the difficult tasks on my laundry list of projects I have for winter break. It worked, during the challenge I’ve managed to complete the following:

  • Created a website as a part of the FreeCodeCamp Challenge
  • Wrote up 2 blog posts(Which would be posted later in The Challenge List)
  • Fixed an Android application bug
  • Solved all introduction level Java challenges on Hacker rank
  • Created the initial draft for my next mobile App

The 24-hour Promodo session ended up being so productive I plan on shooting for another one of these before Spring classes start.

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