Day 178 – Codecademy

December 8th, 2016 – With the semester finished up I decided to take the time to work on a laundry list of projects I wanted to do for a long while. One of these said projects is to spend some time working on my Java development skills.

This semester ended up being an awesome way to help improve my current abilities and also gave me some insight to what faults I need to work on. After doing some research on sites that can help give me hands on learning with Java I went on to try out the famous Programming Learning website called, Codecademy.

I gave this website a shot, and I admit, while I felt that it was not the best resource for me to learn(Given my familiarity with Java), I did manage to learn a few new things. However, I am still looking for something more applicable, which may involve a bit more research to find.

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