Day 177 – The Scavenger Challenge

December 7th, 2016 – After getting off work today I had a few hours to kill before taking my last final for the semester. I took this time do my road work for today, a 30-minute light run.

To spice things up I decided to create a challenge which combines two of my loves: Running and Geocaching. The challenge was to find as many Geocaches as possible in less than 30 minutes. I set three simple rules for myself for this challenge:

  1. I can only run to get to each Geocache
  2. When I reach a Geocache’s Ground Zero I must stop running and search for the cache
  3. The second I stop running I have a maximum of two minutes to look for the nearest cache

I picked a pathway that had a lot of Geocaches within the area. All and all I successfully found 7 Geocaches without ever going over the 2-minute time limit for any of them. Was a nice little flavor to add to my workout.

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