Day 165 – Deviled Eggs

November 14th, 2016 – Today I went for another adventure in an attempt to track down two caches before dusk. These two caches were hidden deep inside a trail located a good 2 miles away from any parking spot.

When I got to the trail I found my GPS was locating me at least 3 miles away from my actual position. It seemed that today was another day I had to rely on my amateur tracking skills and find any signs of hidden pathways. It worked, I was able to spot two possible pathways for first Geocache. I crossed off the first cache pretty easily, the second cache ended up being another story.

I spotted its hiding place almost immediately, but chose to look a good 10 minute around the actual spot. I was afraid it would be similar to last time I saw a hiding spot where I ended up not finding a cache but instead a wasp’s nest that sent me running far away. Fortunately, I was not greeted by a swam of wasps this time but “Devil Duck”, two ping-pong “Eggs”, a fake birds nest, and some plastic spiders.

This definitely marks a spot in my Geocache favorites.

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