Day 164 – Getting a Wax

November 12th, 2016 – Since first seeing the Steve Carell film, The 40-Year Old Virgin, I’ve been interested in getting a body wax. Despite how painful Steve portrays the experience I was nonetheless curious how a waxing would feel.

Now while I may not look like an extremely fuzzy person at first glance I still have some parts of my body that can easily be mistaken for belonging to a bear growing who’s preparing its winter coat for hibernation.The very idea having my hair covered body being pulled from my body made it difficult to feel at ease going into my waxing.

Still I went in to Waxing the City for my appointment and make the transition from gorilla to hairless chimp. My waxer, Tessa, helped put me at ease with this experience knowing full well that this was my first time. She started on my legs by first putting some of the wax on me to check if it was just the right temperature. After my confirmation it started with several minutes of talking with her before I realized that she had already begun the wax a short while ago.

The wax turned out not to be at all painful as I expected. As she stripped away the hairs from my leg I barely noticed the feeling. With just 75 minutes of waxing it flew on by in what felt like half the time. By the time I finished my legs felt pretty waxy, but as bare as a baby’s bottom. I enjoyed my first time getting a wax, and while I am likely not going to do it again, I can see why there are people out there who recommend it.

If you got the money and curiosity, I would encourage giving waxing a try. As for me, I’m going to enjoy my newly waxed legs for the next few weeks.

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