Day 162 – Into The Woods

November 7th, 2016 – It’s been a solid week of catch-up at school. With several major projects coming up and finals near approaching it’s been difficult to do anything but school and work.

I’m glad I have that 1 hour beak between work and classes each Monday. It allows me to really just get way from my long hours of work and explore the land. I went to explore another Geocache, this time a little farther away from the University. This one not only had me dive into the woods but I had to go down an “Invisible Pathway” to get to the cache.

I love these types of caches as they require me to keep a keen eye for details such as broken branches and other signs pathways made from bushwhackers. It really forces me to put my tracking skills to the test, especially when my phone’s GPS stops working the farther into the woods I get into.

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