Day 161 – Halloween Geocaching

October 31, 2016 – We are back from our ten day long trip and settling back into our normal routine. It’s Halloween today, and to our misfortune, both my fiance and I cannot celebrate our favorite day.

We both have evening classes tonight so there isn’t too much time to focus on Halloween. After I left work and to class I had at least a good hour to kill. I decided I am going to celebrate this day by going to the most remote Geocache spots around the university. There are several Geocaches I’ve been putting low on my list for search because they are far into the neck of the woods and I’m always arriving to campus in the late evening.

Today I timed myself to complete as many Geocaches as possible. After an hour of bushwacking and searching I managed to check off three Geocaches near the university. The third one, was the most peculiar one. I had to traverse a barrier of trees in the dusk before arriving to the Beacon, some broken structure complete hidden away in the woods. I found the cache with the aid of my flash light then backtracking through the woods in the night. I felt a night walk in the deep woods was a good way to get a little fear in me; just what I needed for Halloween.

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