Day 159 – Leaving Canada

October 29th, 2016 – It was a fun ride, but now it’s time for us to head back to the States. We stopped along the way to grab the last of the souvenirs on our list before passing through the border.

My fiance wanted to make a detour to Ely, Minnesota before leaving back home. Many of the campsites around Ely were closed for the season so we opted to stay in a nice motel for the night. We arrived in the later afternoon which gave us plenty of time to explore around the city. We stopped by this awesome restaurant called Gators Grilled Cheese for a fill of sandwiches and Mac & Cheese

We still had time to kill so we traveled around the city a bit more to pick up the makings for Bourbon hot chocolate and some late night Geocaching. I’ve found my first Geocache trackable right next to our motel. Visiting the cozy small of Ely was definitely a nice way to end our 10 day trip.

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