Day 157 – Driving Through A Mountain, The Difficult Road

October 27th, 2016 – We awoke hours before sun rise, eager to hit the road. After spending several chilling nights camping in Canada we were anxious to check out our next destination, Radium Hot Springs.

The drive from Jasper to Radium would be a long one, requiring us to drive across a mountain along the way. As we got higher up the mountain it started to snow heavily. I was use to Minnesota’s winter roads but driving down this was a whole other story. Despite my death grip on the wheel it was difficult to maintain control coming down from the mountain.

After an hour of driving through the mountain the roads started to elevated. A sense of relief went through the two of us and I loosed my grip. Then, what felt like a flash, I lost control of the car and spun out. I slammed on the breaks to try to control the car before coming to a stop. We got out to assess the situation where we found our car was hanging off the road, just near the tipping point from crashing into the water below.

It was impossible for us to get behind the car to push it out. Luckily for us, a pick-up truck driver heading towards Jasper came through just minutes afterwards. The driver, Sean, used a tow rope in the back of his truck to pull us out. We got out and were back on the road just a short while later.

We thanked Sean than continued on our journey. The snow covered roads lasted a few more hours before we made it to the city of Baniff. We checked our car for damages, fueled up, than left to the Hot Springs an hour southward.

We arrived to the Hot Springs by mid-afternoon. We went to go change into our swim gear before heading to the Springs. Instantaneously the long car trips, the cold nights, and aching muscles felt worth it just be submerged in these hot springs. We spent the next two hours relaxing in the Hot Spring while reflecting on our travels. We did a lot of new things during this trip, but the adventure was only half over.

It’s exciting to see what awaits us down the road.

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