Day 156 – Jasper, Canada

October 26th, 2016 – If there is any city that will remain the most memorable part of our trip I think it would be Jasper. This place is an extremely peaceful town surrounded by the wonders of nature. We talked with the locals about the attractions near the city and got quite the list of adventures.

My fiance and I grabbed a quick bite to eat before doing some souvenir shopping. After we got our items collected we headed towards one of the recommended attractions, Maligne Canyon. While we would have loved to make the 5-mile trek through the canyon’s trail we found that we were coming short on time before dusk neared. We ended up crossing 3/4 of trail before heading back.

We then left off to visit the Skytram in hopes to view the beautiful mountains surrounding the city. Unfortunately we found out that this would have cost us $80 to do, which neither of us felt was worth it. Instead we went over to our campsite to cook ourselves a nice dinner. Ended up being the smart choice, as the wood was wet and took quite a while to get the fire started.

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