Day 154 – The Canadian Badlands

October 24th, 2016 – After a nice rest and filling breakfast my fiance and I headed to our first destination for Canada, Dinosaur Provincial Park. We arrived slightly after 12 PM, and took notice how vacant the park was. We took a picture of the vast badlands before we went downhill to the park’s campground.

We met up with the park staff to inquire about the campground’s facilities. We were informed that they will need to contact the park’s officials to bring down Firewood since they disabled the Firewood dispenser for the year. We set-up our tent before shortly being greeted by two of the park’s staff who gave us several bundles of firewood free of charge. It was still early in the evening so we settled to do hiking before eating dinner.

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Upon our return we found that the staff gave us several more bundles of firewood during our absence. Needless to say we had a nice long fire and a hot dinner. We heard coyotes in the distance so we quickly washed our dishes after eating then turned in for the night.

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