Day 152 – Detained At The Border

October 22nd, 2016 – After several hours of driving we made it to the Canadian border up in Portal, North Dakota. Once we arrived at the border we found ourselves detained by the Canadian border patrol. After asking us several questions, and searching our car, they told us that we had some pocket knives that cannot be carried through the border. They gave us two options: Leave the knives with them or mail them to back home.

We ended up choosing the latter. We drove less than 2 minutes on Canadian grounds so we can loop back to the US border. After explaining to the US patrol about our situation we found ourselves detained again for 2 hours. We were finally released after 5 hours of waiting at the border patrol. By this point it was dark, so we had to search for a place to sleep. We drove over to Minot where we planned on picking up some postage stamps in the morning.

Although we spent 2 minutes on Canadian soil neither of us could say this can be crossed off our Impossible Lists. We will be doing that tomorrow once we officially cross the border.

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