Day 140 – Trip From The Res

October 3rd, 2016 – Last night my cousins from the Turtle Mountain reservation came to visit us while they were in town for a football game. I haven’t seen them in several years, and to my misfortune, I had work and school the days they visited.

After I got off work my girlfriend and I had a 3 hour gap to kill before I had to head to class. My cousins planned on tailgating at a nearby lot so we planned to join. Unfortunately, I greatly underestimated the traffic brought on by the game. When we got close to the stadium we ended up spending a good hour moving 3 blocks down the city. After speaking with my brother, who was with our cousins at the time, he told me the lot would cost $45 and it wasn’t worth going.

So, instead, my girlfriend and I went to a burger joint called Fudruckers before heading to my class. Hope to catch them the following day before they leave.

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