Day 124 – The 12 Hour Road trip

September 11, 2016 – This morning I woke up after a long rest. My body has felt the effect of this week’s work causing me to feel exhausted. After showering up and eating a quick breakfast I got in my car to pick up my brother from his apartment

We will be making a 12-hour road trip to Chicago and back. His car is finally finished and now he needs a ride there. We left early in the morning to make very few stops as we could. The only time we ever did take time to relax was where we stopped at Deforest, Wisconsin to fuel up.

This is where I met my friend, Pinkie, a giant Pink Elephant  wearing sunglasses. This elephant apparently traveled around a lot before becoming a monument at this Shell gas station. I for one love elephants so seeing this statue on our road trip filled me with joy. After snapping some pictures we hit up a nearby A&W for a quick lunch. I couldn’t remember the last time I ate Fast Food before this.

We arrived at the Auto Shop right at closing. We got the car, did a stretch, then quickly made our way back to Minneapolis. It was approaching dusk and our stomachs were growling. This felt like the last time we’ll ever have the opportunity to eat a Chicago Deep dish so we gathered at a local pizza joint to split a pizza and an Angry Orchard.

We left the pizza joint around 8 P.M., and we still had a 5 hour trip back to home. After a few hours of driving I was hitting my point of exhaustion. The fast food was not sitting well with me and I was getting exhausted from the prolonged sitting and alcohol. 2 hours before getting into the city I started to swerve all over the road. It was lucky that we were driving so late on a Week day night, when the roads were barren.

I stopped by a gas station to grab an espresso. First time drinking one and all I could feel for the rest of the road trip was my heart trying to dance in my chest. By some miracle I didn’t pass out on the road, but it was 2 A.M. and I felt like someone punched me in the gut. I passed out shortly when I got home. I had work and school the next day, and all I wanted at this moment was to sleep.

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