Day 123 – Rock Climbing Taylor Falls

September 10th, 2016 – On Saturday morning I made the sacrifice of sleeping in to go on a unique adventure. I went to my first outdoor rock climbing class, located in Taylor Falls Minnesota.

When I first started rock climbing I initially did it as a way to get over my fear of heights. I figured the quickest way to get over my fear is to go head first into it and see what’s the worst it can do. That got me hooked to taking up climbing as a hobby. I took up a couple of classes where I learned how to belay, top rope, and boulder. In just a few months I saw my rock climbing skills vastly improve from when I first started.

All of this time climbing aspired me to work towards doing another intimidating challenge: rock climb Devil’s Tower. However, instead of trying to take on this 5,000 foot monster straight on, I thought I’ll take some time to learn how to properly climb it. This led me to signing up for an outdoor rock climbing hosted by REI.

When I took the class I honestly didn’t know what to really expect. It was a group of 10 novice climbers who all shared a passion for the sport. While some of the students where nervous-Especially when an ambulance came to rush off a climber who fell 300 yards away from our class- it was thanks to the expertise of the instructors that we where able to quickly learn the techniques to climb.

Climbing outdoors was definitely a different experience than climbing in the gym. While there were way more options for us to climb the wall, it was a weird transition from finding rubber holders to grip onto to to just trying to find anything on the wall that we can grasp. Still, I was able to practice these climbing skills down to where I am more than confident to pursue this activity on my own.

I am anxious to climb some more and hope to meet up with some outdoor climbers next summer.

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