Day 122 – Adventure Club

“Adventure Time. Come on grab your friends. We’ll go to very distant lands”

August 7th, 2016 – Last day of class for the week and what a better way to end such a busy week by having the busiest day of the week thus far. After I got off work I went to workout at the gym. My goal is to get to that 5 minute mile before this year so for now it’s all about increasing the power in my legs.

When I finished my workout my legs felt like two tubes of jello trying to diligently balance my body across the campus. I made it to the lobby just directly outside my class where my group members where hanging out for our project meeting. Luckily for us, the project took less than 10 minutes to complete so we had a good hour to kill before class started.

That was when we were greeted by a very friendly woman who told everyone in the lobby that they are holding a meeting for the Adventure club and anyone is welcome to join. Myself and another group mate decided it would be fun so we sat in on the meeting.

The club had some of the most outgoing people brainstorming club ideas. They talked a little about their club and we got on to suggesting doing events like Paintball, Canoeing, Laser Tag, Hiking, Rock Climbing, Archery, and other outdoor activities. The club sounded like a blast. After the club meeting ended I went to meet up a couple of mates.

As I waited I took a beautiful picture of the city’s view from out campus. I met up with some friends and we talked about the group, who seemed very eager to participate. It sounds like I now have a new club I’ll be joining. Looking forward to their future events.

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