Day 121 – JavaScript Breakout Game

August 6th, 2016 – This fall semester is going extremely well despite some of the classes being less than thrilling. One of these classes so happens to be one where the professor simply reads directly from the slides and does not grade on attendance or quizzes, just tests.

Fortunately, all these powerpoint slides have been posted online. I made it a routine to now show up to class, download the slides off his file page, then take detailed notes. Since I finish these well ahead of the instructor I spend what time left I have in my 3-hour class designing applications. This first application is programming the game, Breakout, using Javascript.

I found some great guides on how to get started and have expanded it to now include other features such as a Menu, Highscore Board, and a function that reloads the bricks after they are clear.

I plan to expand on this to include power-ups, multi-colored bricks, and a head to head mode. So far this class is proving to be one of my favorites.

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