Day 118 – Recovering From The Trip

August 31st, 2016 – It is now the second day since we arrived back from Chicago. My illness has subsided and I’m back to my normal routine of work and school. After getting off of work today I spent a good few hours playing catching up on my assignments. I completed everything just before class started.

I checked my e-mail to find that my instructor will be posting class to start an hour later. I figured this would be a perfect opportunity to get a little exercise in. I did not want to risk my health, being it’s only 1 day since I stopped feeling ill, so I alternated my usual jog for a walk. Since I was at it, I decided to go geocaching at Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary.

What I expected to be a quick 20-30 minute geocache turned out to be an hour of searching in waist deep grass. I decided to cut my geocaching short and head to class. I ended up losing my way back to the path. I walked a long distance through the tall grass before finding the path back to campus. May not have found that cache this time, but next time I will for sure find it and sign it.

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