Day 117 – Surviving Chicago

August 29th, 2016 – It’s been a day since we dropped off the car to the repair shop. My brother called to check on the shop to see the car’s status. We found that the car will not be repaired by today due to it requiring a part that cannot be shipped for several days.

We were now getting stressed. My illness, which went into submission on Sunday, has now came back harsher than ever. We had one working car, but we had too much luggage to fit our group and our stuff back. After some consultation we bounced around a number of different ideas.

Our first idea was to get a rental car. We found a rental car place close to us. My brother talked to the receptionist at the car rental place. At this time I was feeling better. I took the opportunity to climb a tree near us to take a picture of a cicada inching it’s way up the tree. My brother came back to us after half an hour to tell us about the rental car’s status.

Unfortunately for us, many of the rental cars we needed required us to put a hold on a credit card. I was the only one with a credit card in our group but it was maxed out due to a pending transaction for the hotel. We found another rental car place that took other forms of payment, but to our dismay, none of us were 25 years old so we couldn’t get the car. This is when I started feeling the worst of my illness.

Option two was to go Greyhound. We look up Mega bus Routes and Greyhound options in our area. At this time we already spent a good portion of time in Chicago searching for a rental car. There was only one last pick-up to Minneapolis leaving in an hour. We went to go get tickets but found that the stop has been closed for several years. We were now out of options.

After some debate we finally settled to leave some of our supplies in Chicago so we can fit in the car. We made the drive back home crammed in the car driven by my brother. I took this this time to rest up and heal. We all got back to the city at 1 A.M. just in time to go to sleep for work the next morning.

At this point my illness has subsided, which made me believe that I was getting sick from stress. Chicago was definitely a fun trip up until we had to leave. I’m glad we all managed to stay optimistic as much as we could throughout this stressful time. We were able to survive Chicago.

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