Day 115 – China Town, Chicago

August 27th, 2016 – It is officially the first day in Chicago. I am still fighting off the sudden illness but it’s proving to be irritable. Early in the morning I awoke to eat a hearty breakfast before our group left off.

We arrived to Chicago with a large amount of traffic. It took quite some time to get into the inner part of the city but eventually we found ourselves to China town. We stopped at a restaurant recommended to me by a friend called, Ming Hin. This place is a must go area for those visiting China Town.


Our group ordered more food than we can fill ourselves on for about $10-$15 a piece. This meal was large enough to count as a lunch and a dinner. We explored more of China town before making our way to Oz Park. During this event they had a movie in the park night showing The Wizard of Oz. A fun event with an added bonus of free items.


We left off to the hotel to enjoy some drinks. A fun way to end an awesome day.

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