Day 114 – Starting The Trip To Chicago

August 26th, 2016 – Today begins our first day to Chicago. This is a trip that was planned for months with a group of friends. I always wanted to go to a China Town and the one in Chicago was the closest one we had to us.

I figured what better way to hit down this large city than to go with a group of people? After setting up the date, booking the hotel, and planning the course we made our leave to the city. Our group settled on spending the night in my house so we can leave as early as possible.

I woke up slightly earlier than everyone else to get in my pull-up training. However, I found that I was coming down with some congestion problems and feel pretty ill. I was not able to complete my set due to feeling fatigue from my oncoming illness. We eventually left off and made the 8 hour trip there.Many of us taking turns driving and sleeping.

We got to the hotel during the peak of a storm. All of us, being very exhausted from the drive and lack of food, ordered a 12 AM pizza than past out for the night.

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