Day 112 – First Run of Fall Semester

August 22nd, 2016 – The first day of the fall semester leads off with a busy start. Since school started my work hours have now shifted and my time is now primarily focused on academics.

My first class is a course on Algorithms and AI, two things I’ve been eager to learn about since the summer started. The homework was released before the beginning of the class so I buckled down and got a head start on the assignments. After completing a chunk of the homework I drove to campus and did  a trail run at a nearby forest. Beautiful scenery all around.

Since it’s a small trail I made one of the park’s benches a checkpoint and did laps around for speed. Each lap I completed I increased my speed by about 20-25% until I was at full sprint.

When I finished my run I took some time to rest up before heading to class. This AI’s course is definitely going to have a heavy workload, but I’m going to go at it as hard as I can.

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