Day 111 – Last Summer Day

August 21st, 2016 – And with that, summer comes to a close. There is a lot that I am able reflect back on during my time off. There was a lot of time spent pursuing personal projects that helped me progress towards my long term goals.

Throughout my summer break I was able to increased my endurance in swimming, ran a Spartan Sprint, climbed the highest point in Wisconsin, developed my first android app, programmed a Java video game, promoted to team lead, and crossed off a number of  items on my Challenge List.

Looking back, I am glad I spent less time focusing on work and school and more time focused on my own personal growth this summer.I feel like I’m a much better person now than I was back in May, and I am going to continue on this streak for the rest of 2016.

Fall semester will start. I took this time to go for one last run down Silverwood Park for the summer, getting in some Hill Sprints towards the end. Looking forward to a productive rest of the year.


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