Day 109 – Intensity and Development

August 19th, 2016 – This week the weather has been very unpredictable. On days I’m off work it seems to be raining. Days I’m working, it’s clear skies. This resulted in one of my projects for the week being put on hold due to weather.

Nevertheless, this just means I had more time to focus on some other projects. Yesterday was my first day of my recent promotion. One of my first tasks was to do a presentation for a group training meeting introducing myself and the site I’ll be responsible for. It was an exhausting day so I ended up passing out earlier than my normal sleep time.

Today I awoke early and full of energy. After dropping my girlfriend off I pushed myself to give it my all today. I ended up finishing the coding phase for my Video Game project, had a great 5k Run, and did over 100 pull-ups. Very nice day to end my work week.

The picture today is a landmark past by one of the parks. Despite it looking like a bench, it is not something used for sitting.

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