Day 107 -Moving Up to the Unknown

August 15th, 2016 – It’s official, since coming back to my job back in May I have been taking up different responsibilities than when I initially started. These new responsibilities have frankly been nice. I am working more on projects and management and less on tasks that felt like menial labor.

Today, my supervisor has informed me she is creating three new positions. I am filling one of those positions, as a team lead. With this position I will be handling a different kind of work and managing the training for all new team members.

It was a positive towards my day. When I was off my shift I took my girlfriend to an interview for a job that she has been highly recommended for by some of the employees. I took this time to jog down a route used for express transit riders and bikes. We are going to figure out if she qualified for a second interview later this week. Fingers crossed!

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