Day 105 – Running and Firebows

August 13th, 2016 – Today was another early morning wake-up of the week. This was the first time I woke up before 5 A.M. since my marathon training last June.

I have to say waking up so early in the morning, while difficult, has been great for my productivity. Shortly after I dropped my girlfriend off at work I finished off some scholarships, studied, and went for a run. Since today was a short run day I decided to integrate more sprint intervals throughout my workout. I ended up having such a great run that I had enough time to do more laps around the lake I was running around.

I spent the rest of the day crafting a firebow for survival training. I planned on getting some embers going for the firebow today, but the type of string I do have is so frail that it ended up deteriorating on me in 20 minutes. I am considering using a parachute cord next time I work on this. Since it was so late in the day when my rope snapped I decided to call it a day and do some handstand work.

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