Day 99 -Powershell Scripting

August 4th, 2016 – This week has been quite the week for coding. In addition to learning Visual Basic and developing in Android Studio, I came back to another language I haven’t touched in over a year.

My workplace today wanted to keep track of the number of clients we get in our department. I suggested we revive a retired tracking system we used 3 years ago, which was a simple Excel Spreadsheet that recorded the number of characters in a cell. When a client came in, the Space Bar was simply pressed to add characters to a cell.

My supervisor wanted to also track the time stamp of each walk-in to figure out peak work hours. This created a problem, because the excel spreadsheet we used was not capable of doing that function. We also couldn’t really develop a easy to use macro that will listen for the keystroke, record a timestamp, than export everything into a separate sheet.

I proposed using Powershell for this project as it seems to accomplish all these tasks and was widely available for department use. However, barely anyone in our department uses Powershell nor are they very familiar with it. I dabbled in Powershell for 2-3 months back during a previous internship so I volunteered my services.

It took about 15 minutes for me to get familiar with Powershell again then it resulted in me experiencing a programming flow. It’s been a while since I utilized my programming skillset in my workplace and now it felt keep invigorating to do it again. The script was nearly complete and I worked well past my shift. I e-mail a copy of the script to finish at home during lunch.

Unfortunately for me, my work e-mail automatically removed the attachment so I lost half a day’s work.On the bright side, the bits of code I did have unfinished was something I could program separate from the script saved on my work computer. I spent some time working on another script to finish off the second portion of my project. I plan to merge the two script together next time I’m in work.

For once, in a long while, I am excited for my next shift.

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