Day 95 – Birthday Camping

July 31st, 2016 – Last night I found myself bed ridden with some unknown stomach illness. I didn’t eat much during the night, so when I awoke I felt a lot better and a lot hungrier. I satisfied my stomach with a pear and a PB&J French Toast sandwich.

After breakfast I went to treat my parents out to two of the most delicious dessert places located in the northern shore. The first being Positively 3rd Street Bakery, located in Duluth. The bakery has delicious delicacies and very friendly staff. I bought a package of Banookies(banana cookies), French Onion Bagels, Sunflower Bread, and Wild Rice bread.

Once we got out baked goods we left 30 minutes north to Betty’s Pies. The place was packed to the brim with customers so we just got our order to go. After getting our S’more, Turtle Pecan, and Cheese Cake Pie shakes we bought my mother a Caramel Apple pie for her birthday.

We arrived to the campground to split the Caramel Pie between the five of us. After we had our fill of pie my girlfriend, our long term friend, and I packed up our tents up. We said our goodbyes to my parents before heading back south for home. My parents insisted on grabbing some pictures of us before leaving.

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