July POTM – Becoming A Spartan

It was difficult to pick a Photo of the Month for July. July has been filled with a lot of challenging obstacles that I had to spend long periods of time overcoming. Along with the blood, bruises, fatigue, and illnesses, I ended up knocking off a number of challenges off my Challenge List.

Looking back through days 60-90 I found one particular day that was not only one of the most difficult challenges for the year, but also was a stepping stone for how I trained for 2016.

This photo of the month goes to Day 66- Spartan Race and Holiday. The Spartan Race was huge influence on me, causing me to push myself to new heights and learning new skills.

To train for this day I included more endurance workouts throughout the year, such as running, swimming, burpees, and pull-ups. In addition to this I also spent some time prior to my race learning how to craft a spear and how to throw it.

This race ended up becoming a valuable learning experience on how I should handle my OCRs. I ended up making a lot of choices that led me down to the path of success as well as mistakes that helped me grow. It not only gave me a better idea on how to run future races, but also valuable insight on how I train in general.

This is why I am dubbing my Spartan Race as the Photo of the Month.

For more on my experiences on my Spartan Race check out my post:

Lessons Learned After Becoming a Spartan

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