Day 91 – Swimming The Mile

July 26th, 2016 – It’s been several weeks now since I took the challenge to swim a full mile. I feel like this accomplishment is a good reflection of how much I’ve grown in the past year.

Last year, while training for my lifeguard certification, I was spending hours a week at the pool building up the endurance to swim 700 consecutive yards. Since time passed I took up the challenge to surpass this and swim a full 1650 yards non-stop.

This is thanks to following the 0 to 1650 in 6 weeks program which gave me the confidence to push myself to swim more than I have ever done in my life. It was not an easy journey, as it was filled with hours each week biking to the pool, going to the community center despite hot weather and rain, and forcing myself to workout on days I didn’t want to.

However, it was all worth it as I am now stronger than I was before and can now cross another item off my 2016 Challenge List.

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